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In 1842, the Italian mathematician Luigi Menabrea, wrote a description of the analytical engine [1] (the first general purpose computer) in French. In 1843, the description was translated into English and extensively annotated by Ada King [2], Countess of Lovelace, known to be the fist computer programmer. In her notes Lady Ada described the analytical machine in her words and gave the first definition of a general purpose computer.

"The Analytical Engine . is not merely adapted for tabulating ... but for developing and tabulating any function whatever.In fact the engine may be

described as being the material expression of any indefinite function of any degree of generality and complexity ... " -from Note A

The real power behind the analytical machine then and computers now that would enable them to tabulate or perform any function is for sure SOFTWARE.


Here at Irisoft we have great passion for building software, we believe that to build great software you have to base them on robust and solid core.Hence we have deligintetly worked to build our skills and knowledge in technologies that we use in the core of the applications we build or to provide custom backend development service to our customers.

What technologies/languages we work with ?

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Platforms we work on extending and building custom modules

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[1] Analitical engine in wikipedia

[2] Lady Ada King in wikipedia