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We are a software development house. With our unique blend of knowledge, passion and experience we can help you build a strong presence on the internet, be it a marketing tool or the core of your business. more
A web site that automates stock market investments. We interfaced with E*TRADE API to automatically place orders for users. We used OAuth, CakePHP Shell scripts and jQuery.
E*TRADE API, OAuth, CakePHP & jQuery
The site prepares for GMAT test by taking adaptive tests and quests. We implemented the GMAT algorithm for adaptive testing, created whole test with managing test results and reviewing questions.
CakePHP, jQuery
Custom e-shop that targets local vendors and clients. Payment using various methods. Add, editing and listing products. Search based on geographic location.
PayPal API, CakePHP, jQuery
Digital Reservation System
Manages online reservations made to night club. Allow manage seating plan, guest list and table preferences for each event. Allow creating recurring events.
jQuery Map Highlight, CakePHP
Building a web application that manages training courses over the phone.
CakePHP, jQuery, MySQL, CSS 2.
Developed the web application and built a CakePHP interface with Asterisk server
Asterisk, CakePHP, Postgres, jQuery, CSS 2
Converted PSDs to a Drupal template. Customized Ubercart , Ubercart Market place, Private messaging To support one to one selling and trading.Views and CCK were used to create custom blocks and taxonomy to support tagging
Drupal , Ubercart , UberCart Marketplace , Taxonomy , Views , CCK, Templates
We built 100% of the application
CakePHP , MySQL , Ajax
Appointment Manager Plus
We built 100% of the application
CakePHP , MySQL , Ajax
Various user operations
CakePHP , MySQL , Ajax
IRISOFT showed the highest level of professionalism on all aspects of this project. every question and remark was answered, and each aspect was...
Karl , Austria
Content Management System(CMS)

I want to build a website with very rich,dynamic content and can edit the content myself.


I want to sell a product or service online.

Backend development

I want to build a complex functionality in the core of my system.

Code audit

I have written an application and I need an experienced second eye to help me identify any problems I might have missed.